Laura Duncan-Tucker

Welcome to my website!

I hope I can provide a sanctuary for your personal growth journey.

Take a deep breath, you've just taken the first courageous step towards a brighter, more fulfilling tomorrow.

Please feel free to connect with me personally to arrange an initial meeting to get a sense of how we might work together, answer questions and hopefully embark on a transformative path towards self-discovery and therapeutic change.

I hope you enjoy my website, discover what I can offer you and hopefully gain some useful information to help you on your path forward.

Your journey starts here.

"Laura provides a calm, welcoming space to talk. Her approach is gentle, guiding you to reflect & open up your internal dialogue & thoughts, which enables you to own the patterns in your life & identify new behaviours & thoughts. 

She listens intently, offering support & summaries of what had been said. Her approach is non-judgemental, you feel she is on your side & rooting for you, whilst being unfazed with the details of your thoughts & behaviours.

I would highly recommend Laura."

To work with me, you can contact me via email @, or WhatsApp message me on +971 58 524 6472.  

I offer a free 30 minute initial session to meet, answer any questions and get a feel for working together.