"I started therapy with Laura in one of the most confusing moments in my life with my mental health and well-being. I always thought of the idea of counselling. However, I never got the courage to until I saw Laura's description of her job and counselling sessions. 

I can honestly say she has helped me so much to begin changing my perspective towards life and helped me with my negative and anxiety. Also, she has always made me feel heard and understood, providing me with a different understanding of why I feel the way I do in relation to my past and upbringing. 

 I would encourage anyone to try her counselling services as her knowledge and experience have truly helped me to feel better about myself and life in general, and I could not have done it without her help and the sessions."

"Working with Laura was exactly what I needed, even though I’d already done heaps of inner healing work over recent years. 

Sometimes we underestimate the power of talking through the stuff we’re going through with the right support. Laura held a superbly safe space for me, allowing me to focus on—and helping me work through—the various shadow and inner child parts that needed to be heard while I was going through a significant change. 

Working with her gave me just the clarity and peace I’d been needing." 

"The sessions with Laura have really propelled me forward in getting clear on what I want & taking to the initial steps towards achieving this.

Laura provides a calm, welcoming space to talk. Her approach is gentle, guiding you to reflect & open up your internal dialogue & thoughts, which enables you to own the patterns in your life & identify new behaviours & thoughts. 

Laura listens intently, offering support & summaries of what had been said. Her approach is non-judgemental, you feel she is on your side & rooting for you, whilst being unfazed with the details of your thoughts & behaviour.

The change in me from the first session to now, is huge & I have finished the sessions with an awareness & understanding of where I’ve been & a renewed enthusiasm for the next chapter in my life. I would highly recommend Laura as a coach, especially for anyone who may have procrastinated for a while without realising why.

 Thank you Laura for your support, every session was of value & much appreciated."

"I've really enjoyed my sessions with Laura, they have been a real mix of emotions and realisations.

I feel I know myself that little bit more and have been able to move forward from the constant loop I was on. I thought I was lacking self-belief but through the sessions, it was clear that self-worth was the key issue which we then worked on.

Laura is very intuitive and guided me through the sessions in a really patient and non-judgemental way. She has a lovely calming manner and put me at ease straight away. 

Laura helped me to learn to celebrate my 'wins' and that things I thought were little, were actually a big deal. 

It's often difficult to show others your vulnerability, but it was so beneficial for me to show this to Laura and she created a safe and supportive environment to allow me to be vulnerable. 

I really appreciate all the sessions we did together and thank you so much." 

"I found the sessions incredibly helpful. 

I appreciated and really valued having the support to work through deeper pain, but also being able to look forward. 

The sessions were absolutely client-led, so I was free to explore what was coming up for me as needed, and without any projection or assumption from you. At the same time, you provided wonderful support to encourage me through it all. 

The space you held felt safe, warm, compassionate and encouraging. 

It was also helpful to review progress along the way, so as to check in on how the sessions and inner work were going. 

Overall, I’m very grateful for the support and wouldn’t have changed anything about the sessions or structure. I left our time together having achieved exactly what I’d been seeking at the start, and I know it would have been much more difficult to work through everything we covered if I didn’t have this support."

To work with me, you can contact me via email @ lauraduncan6@hotmail.com, or WhatsApp message me on +971 58 524 6472.  

I offer a free 30 minute initial session to meet, answer any questions and get a feel for working together.